Our lifestyle is heavily affected by the way we work, the place at which we work and the surrounding. The stress at the workplace can lead to some serious health problems the one should not ignore. 

Some direct and indirect common workplace health problems are the lower back pain, eyestrain, obesity, heart disease, noise stress to name a few.

Not having enough physical movement, sedentary lifestyle, looking at the computer screen for a long time are reasons behind these problems. However, these health problems can be avoided. The simple strategy of prevention need not require any special changes in the daily routine. You can avoid a few things and follow some essential tips for better work life. We spend the maximum time of a day at their workplace so your office needs to be a part of your health initiative.

Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives Tips:

  • Make a habit of sitting and standing in the right posture
  • Do basic stretching exercises and eye, neck exercises at your workplace as well
  • Opt for stairs, avoid using elevators
  • Walk to the coffee machine to get your coffee
  • Park your vehicle away from your office and walk to the office
  • Avoid cold drinks or frequent tea or coffee in the office
  • Take a break from your work whenever you find necessary
  • Eat healthy and small meals
  • Don’t skip your lunch for meetings, you can have a lunch-meeting, everyone would enjoy it.

Apart from these tips, many offices have customized wellness program having many healthy initiatives, which help the employees to maintain to be physically and mentally healthy. A wellness program includes several activities like sponsored exercise trainings, various sessions on couselling, diet, work-life balance, weight-loss competition, seminars on health and fitness, and so on. The wellness program may have financial incentives, gift cards etc to encourage employees to have a healthier lifestyle.

Another important thing that is an essential part of this program is corporate health checkup. Regular corporate health checkups help to identify various diseases at an early stage and take precautionary measures to stay away from them. A healthy workforce means happy and energetic workforce, augmented productivity, a strengthened bond between the company and the employees and greater success for the company. Most corporate organizations have a well-defined workforce health policy, which includes various health initiatives for the existing workforce and the pre-employment health checkup for the potential workforce.

The purpose of the Preventive Healthcare organisations is to spread awareness across the world to have a healthy life and encourage people to go for such lifestyle. Today, many companies make sure that their employees are healthy and they provide all the necessary provisions for the employees’ health.

A Corporate Health Checkup is the key to a stronger and healthier workforce. Send us an enquiry today to get assistance or a quote on the best Corporate Health and Wellness Programs available in India.

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