Currently the Corporate Sector Has Some Burning Issues Like:
  • 46 % workforce in India is stressed. This stress is accounted as the major factor affecting the health of employees. It can safely be termed as work performance related stress.
  • 43% workforce has issues related to the BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • 30% of the workforce is at the risk of diabetes.
  • 30% workforce is vulnerable to the risk of hypertension.
  • The lifestyle health issues are a result of the stretched hours at work, lack of physical exercise, optimum sleep and unhealthy eating habits.

The lethal combination of lifestyle issues has been creating enormous work related stress in employees which has consequently lead to ailments like heart attacks or mental problems like depression, suicidal tendencies, etc. The vulnerability of this younger work force falling prey to the lifestyle diseases has significantly increased recently.

Right now, many organizations have taken a conscious effort to safeguard the health of their employees. They are majorly getting in the wellness programs to help their employees focus on work and staying healthy at the same time. This health and wellness initiative results in healthy employees in the company. Healthy employees mean more productivity and business for the company. Eventually a healthy workforce in India directly correlates to a healthier economy.

So better late than never, you can significantly contribute to help the economy by taking a decision for healthier body constitution of your employee.

This Republic Day strive for the Mission of a #HealthyNation

Organizations can make a lot of difference by implementing some simple methods like:

  • Arranging corporate health checkups
  • CSR activities for cleanliness and hygiene drive at work place
  • Wellness and counseling sessions for its employees
  • Pledging for good health
  • Rising early is a great boost to start your day. This also allows you the liberty to spend a couple of hours for some physical exercise and a healthy meal.
  • Employers can arrange for a Family Day at work. Where the employees can spend some quality time with their family by indulging in various fun games and activities. This will help them to destress and rejuvenate physically and mentally as well, and also strengthen the family bonds.
  • Outdoor activities: Most of the employees are working continuously indoors. They hardly have a 10% exposure to the sun and outdoor fresh environment. Sufficient vitamin D from the sunlight boosts the functioning of our body cells. With activities an employee will feel energized and cheerful too.
  • Organizations can also plan walkathons, marathons, zumba session with the aim of achieving fun with fitness.

Remember, the republic day celebration in office should not be just about decorating your work place or dressing up in the tri color. Just like you take the national pledge you should also to pledge to safeguard your own health. Remember a health workforce is a healthier economy.

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