Non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases, and diabetes have become some of the major causes of deaths in India.

Unmanaged lifestyle, unhealthy eating, long working hours, stress and other factors that come with the fast-moving corporate life cause these diseases.

In order to make sure that the employees are healthy and the productivity is at its best, corporates around the world have been encouraging their employees to join different health programs. They also offer regular health checkups for executives via trusted healthcare companies to identify any health problem before it reaches an advanced stage.

What is Live Workout?

Under this program, the employees get an exclusive access to a large number of fitness centers around the world. There is no time restriction as well. You can choose the time for the gym and clubs as per your schedule. These fitness centers not only provide the discounted access to the gym but also to the spa and other wellness areas.

Benefits of Live Workout

  • The employees get access to gyms etc. around the world
  • Better health means better productivity
  • Such facilities increase the trust factor for the companies
  • Management of stress levels in the work environment
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced expenses on healthcare
  • Increase in morale and self-esteem of the employees

In today’s world, it is imperative to have a workforce that dedicatedly works for the company’s benefits. It is only possible if the company provides good healthcare for the employees. The healthcare should not be limited to the preventive corporate checkups but should also include physical fitness regimens for the employees. Live workout provides the employees a break amidst the stressful work schedule and helps the employees’ mind to be refreshed to work better. For live workout options for your employees, please Contact Us Pre-employment Health Checkup, Employee Medical Check up Occupational Health Check Benefits for Employers & Employees

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