What benefits do you offer your employees?

Are they happy working with you and work whole-heartedly?

These are some questions for the employer. There are many employee benefits that you can offer through your business proposal, but the one that wins is – Employee Health Checkup. That’s because a happy team can eventually add to the growth of your organization. Giving the employees this health benefit can ensure stability and it signals that you care. Many times employers are not legally required to offer these perks to the employees. Then why is that they consider holding employee health programs for them? Because it’s good for both the employees and the employer.

Physical fitness is a key to having a healthy life. It is a must to invest our money and time in health checkup practices and make it a regular habit. Most working individuals overlook the aspect of self-care and ignore going for preventive medical checkups. Thus creating a healthy workplace for them should be a priority for the employers.

If you’re on the fence yourself, here are five important reasons to offer employee health checkup:


Employee health screenings at the workplace can identify various health problems that are asymptomatic. Sudden health emergencies can lead to absenteeism and impact the growth of the organization. Routine health checkup can detect diseases in time and provide a better chance for treating the complications.

Makes Employees Happy

Health checkup packages and health insurance are the most important things that make the employees satisfied. Thus you must make it a priority benefit for your employees while hiring. Healthy and happy employees are great assets for the organization. Entice them to stay longer with your company now.

Reduce Health Risks

Employee health programs aid in the timely identification of health hazards. The cost of regular health checkups is negligible than that of medical emergencies. This will also help reduce absenteeism at work and improve performance.

Cost Effective

Giving out perks like these can benefit both the employee and the employer in terms of saving money on taxes. Employers can easily pay for health benefits than higher salaries to their staff. This will void payroll taxes also. Isn’t that great!

Better Job Performance

By offering such amazing employee health checkup packages you give them a chance to care for the company. As a result, the employees work harder, have strong morale and boost their productivity.

Offering employee health checkup benefits will help you acquire true and hardworking professionals that will position your corporate business as industry leaders soon. To know more about our corporate health checkup package fill in the inquiry form below.

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