Computer use and long sitting hours at work is the leading cause of lower back pain in the workplace. This condition is prevailing in women but men also face pain in the back. Using some simple tweaks and exercises you can avoid low back pain.

Different workstation factors that potentially affect your back include:

  • Sitting posture
  • Chair height
  • Computer screen position
  • Mouse and keyboard positions
  • Desktop layout

    Here are some simple tips for back pain while at work:

    Maintain Good Posture

    Poor sitting posture is the major reason causing lower back pain. The pain may manifest after long working hours or stressful days at the workplace but, the pain might have been deep down since years back. Wrong sitting posture or walking or sleeping positions can be the reason for the back pain to develop. Sit with your back straight and knees bent at 90 degrees angle. This takes off the pressure on the nerves and lowers back pain.

    Support Your Back

    Pick the best chair for your needs. Supporting the back should be your main focus here. A cushioned backrest with pushes your back forward is essential. Such an ergonomic chair will prevent slouching and aid in lower back pain relief.

    Proper Foot Rest

    In situations where you have to raise your feet above the ground, you must use a footstool to rest your feet comfortably. Avoid keeping them hanging all day. This will relieve pressure and relax foot muscles all day long, thereby causing lesser strain to your back.

    Strengthen the Core

    Strengthening your abdominal muscles will help to reduce the slack in the surrounding back muscles. A couple of minutes spent on strengthening your core will work wonders to reduce back pain at the workplace.

    Regular Exercise

    Back exercises are the best way to lay off the pain. Avoid medicines and indulge in walking, jogging or a few back exercises every day. These have been the best to prevent lower back pain. A few exercises for lower back pain are shown in the image below.

    Don’t Cross Your Legs

    Sitting cross-legged strains your pelvic muscles, and makes it difficult to keep your spinal cord straight and shoulders squared off. This increases the risk of lower back pain. So uncross your legs and relax.

    These are some quick fixes to get lower back pain relief. Many times employees ignore the pain and it might eventually turn into grieve medical problems. Thus we recommend you to enroll for corporate health checkup package offered by your company.

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