Every year around 34% of the deaths that occur in India are because of the non-communicable diseases. Out of these majority of the deaths are caused by lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. Apart from that, physical injuries and illnesses may also occur at the workplace.  

 Occupational health services are basically campus-based services provided by companies like Indus Health Plus which offers treatment for the illness and work-related injuries right on the campus. The services included in the occupational health services can include daily or weekly doctor’s visits, OPD/IPD treatment, vaccinations, annual medical checkups, health checkups, full body checkups and much more. The companies also provide first aid kits and stress management programs as well. These services aim at prevention of occupational diseases. This program helps in identifying and assessing the risks involved in any workplace. These services also advise the companies about the design of workplaces, and evaluate the equipment and substances used in the work.

Services that are included in such Corporate Health Check-Up Programs:

  • Checkup facility for the employees that are unwell on duty
  • Regular monitoring of vitals like pulse, BP etc. on OPD basis
  • Advising and prescribing medicines to the patients
  • Pre-employment health examinations of the employees, which helps to ensure hiring healthy candidates
  • Executive health checkups
  • Maintaining health records of the employees who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, stress etc
  • On-campus counseling facility for the employees
  • Regular camps for exercise and other health regimes
  • Stress management sessions

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