For a company’s growth and success, the best performing employees should be one of the most important things to consider along with marketing strategies. 

A healthy staff is always capable of delivering better results and investing in them is more beneficial in the long run.  Many organizations invest time and money in creating specialized employee wellness programs, which encourage their teams to stay healthy. The employee health checkup helps you to identify the health issues before they become serious and affect the employee’s performance. Hence, an employee health checkup designed considering your specific industry can be the first important step for both – the employer and employees. Let’s understand why employee health checkup packages are garnering so much popularity.

Why Is Employee Health Checkup Worth Doing & How It Helps?

Corporate sector brings immense stress, which ultimately affects an employee’s health and gives rise to multiple diseases. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to maintain health. They may need guidance and help on healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Regular employee health checkup package helps your team to keep a track on their health status and thus take precautionary steps at the right time.

Not all employees practice a healthy lifestyle. Some may not visit the doctor or have blood sugar and blood pressure checked, as they do not notice any symptoms. This mandatory health checkup not only saves time and money for the employer and employees but also identifies minor health issues before they turn severe. The workplace health checkup for the employees encourages in re-evaluating their daily choices. It pushes them to go for a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, daily exercise and many more healthy habits. If an employee has unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking, then she/he can be encouraged to stay away from those habits.

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    What are the Benefits of Employee Health Checkup?

    The health screening for employees brings various aspects to both companies and employees. From company’s point view, it is always beneficial to invest in a health checkup. The employee medical checkup is the special facility from the employer to create a strong bond between the company and the staff. The team is able to perform in a better way and better performance means more progress for employees and the company.

    Health Checkup Benefits to Employees:

    • Reduce Stress level & helps to improve physical fitness
    • Helps to improve wellbeing and self-assurance
    • Reduce health risks & personal medical costs
    • Access to health information

    Health Checkup Benefits to Organizations:

    • Drop in absenteeism i.e reduces employees sick leaves
    • Greater employee satisfaction & positive employee morale in the workplace
    • Improved morale and loyalty amongst staff
    • Increase in productivity

    Many companies also include pre-employment screening in their corporate health checkup packages to appoint the right candidates as per the required profile. Companies prefer to get customized executive health checkup packages, which are beneficial in the longer run. The bottom line is having a healthy staff, which makes a huge difference in terms of progress and culture of the company. Not all employees are conscious of their health, but by providing them the health checkups, you can encourage them to opt for a better and healthy lifestyle.

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