Executive Wellness Programs which include the diet and nutrition counseling programs help companies to improve the health of the employees so that they can lead a happier life and form a more productive team at the office.

The focus of these programs remains exclusively on the health of the employees, which enhance the lifestyle and provide them the feeling of wellbeing. It also strengthens the bond between the employer and the employees

The Workshops

The companies like Indus Health Plus help in organizing special diet and nutrition based workshops for the small as well as large enterprises, which are dedicated to offer better health to their employees. These workshops concentrate on the individual diet requirements based on the work they do as a team. The experts in these workshops not only provide information about the better diet and nutrition but also help in sustaining that plan in the longer run.

Diet and Stress Management

Obesity is another serious problem among many employees which is due to unhealthy eating habits like irregular diet and junk food during the work hours. In addition to this, prolonged sitting at your workspace is one of the major reasons for obesity in the employees in almost every sector. The specially designed weight management workshops are often helpful in reducing the chances of diseases associated with obesity.

Timely intervention and expert guidance would help to increase productivity and keep the workforce fit. Contact Us for Pre-employment Health Checkup, Employee Medical Check up and Occupational Health Check Benefits for Employers & Employees to avail a customized service for your organization.

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