A woman is known to be multi-faceted and plays some vital roles in our society. There is always a fight against time for a working woman. It become seemingly difficult for her to maintain a work-life balance; resulting in very less or no time to think about herself.

This inturn results in the added ignorance about her health. Not to forget this, has implications on her family and workplace. As per ASSOCHAM, 68% working women suffer from lifestyle diseases.

Let’s discuss some important lifestyle diseases in women.


In a survey, 80% of urban Indian working women in the age group 25-45 years were observed to be fat; due to the sedentary lifestyle and changing food habits. Obesity is also known to affect the mind, and cause symptoms like depression, insomnia, and self-pity. Women in the IT sector spend 10-12 hours sitting at their work-stations in a controlled environment resulting in weight gain. Struggling with the weight management a working woman may suffer from psychological problems which not only affects her eating habits (e.g. anorexia) but could eventually lead to depression.

Depression/General Anxiety Disorder:

75% of working women are known to suffer from depression/general anxiety disorder in comparison to women with lesser levels of psychological workplace demands. It has been predicted that by 2020, depression would be the 2nd major cause of disability worldwide. The root cause of this problem is associated with the long working hours and strict deadlines. Factors such as poor sleep, nutrition, lack of exercise, addiction to alcohol, and drug abuse also contribute to depression.

Chronic Backache:

The working women usually have a lower back pain as it bears our body weight. This is the most common chronic disease at work which is a result of the long hours of static posture without appropriate support to the back. To top it the excessive and sudden weight gain by the sedentary lifestyle makes your back all the more vulnerable to it. Also, when the work gets the better of you; an anxious mind tends to aggravate the back pain.


These sedentary lifestyle changes are known to be the cause of the increasing infertility rates. The infertility is a result of stress and obesity caused by the long working hours with erratic timings, lack of physical exercise, and changes in eating habits accompanied by conditions like diabetes.

Diabetes and CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases):

In a study done, it was observed that 3 out of 5 women were at the high risk of cardiovascular disease even as early as 35 years of age because of this sedentary lifestyle. In another study, the lack of job control was associated with an increased risk of diabetes among women.

In conclusion, we can safely say that risk factors of lifestyle diseases like unhealthy food habits, physical inactivity, inappropriate body posture and disturbed biological clock should be avoided. Hence, women’s safety and health issues at work need to be addressed and diagnosed at an early stage on priority. For this, we can opt for regular health checkups.

You have to necessarily realize the importance of a healthy body and avoid all the risks factors that contribute to the lifestyle diseases.

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