Why Need A Corporate Health Check Up?

Odd hours of working and an almost non-existent social life creates stress on individuals. However the ways adopted for coping with stress

viz., smoking, binge eating and binge drinking, create further stress on the body and mind. The result is hypertension / high blood pressure, overweight and obesity, etc. which lead to further complications like diabetes, heart diseases or cancers. Such conditions lead to a sick workforce and increased absenteeism.

Customized Corporate Checkup – Impact on Corporate Sector, A Survey Based Report (2009) by ASSOCHAM reveals that:

  • 70% correlation exists between age of employee and man-days lost due to sickness.
  • 82% correlation exists between work Experience of the employee and man-days lost.
  • One rupee spent on prevention saves Rs. I33 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs.

The Report of the Working Group on Disease Burden for 12th Five Year Plan states that “Heart diseases, stroke and diabetes are projected to increase cumulatively, and India stands to lose 237 billion dollars during the decade 2005-2015.”

While health insurance has its own set of benefits, it does not help the organization in having a proper understanding of the present health status and impending health issues of its employees. Corporate employee wellness can be the much needed solution that can give the decision-makers a proper insight into the organization’s human resource.

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    Corporate Solutions

    Indus Health Plus brings to you Executive Health Checkups for employees at wonderful discounts. The corporate health checkup package includes high-end tests like CT Angiography and Sono-mammography, which can detect anomalies at a very early stage and help deter future catastrophes.

    The benefits of availing a corporate medical check up from Indus are –

    • Comprehensive checkup using high-end state of the art technology.
    • We facilitate everything under a single roof, and provide the checkup report along with doctor’s consultation on the same day of the checkup.
    • Each delivery partner (hospital/diagnostic centre) has an Indus team placed exclusively to handhold clients through the entire procedure and give them a gratifying experience.
    • An 80-seater in-house call centre to provide live support to the clients.
    • We offer customized PHCs (preventive health checkup) according to the requirements, where the company pays for the employees.
    • We offer a retail deal to pre-employee wellness program, where they pay individually at attractive prices and also avail the tax benefit.

    (The 2012-13 Finance Bill has made provision for tax benefit on investment up to Rs. 5,000 in preventive health checkup under Section 80(D) within the overall limit of Rs. 15,000 on health insurance.)

    Why We Are The Best

    • We are an ISO-9001:2015 certified company working in the field of preventive healthcare for 16 years since 2000.
    • With more than 6 lakh checkups, we are the largest PHC (preventive health checkup) company in India.
    • We are tied up with 122 centres in 78 cities spread across India.
    • Our partners include Apollo, Wockhardt, SRL Religare, NM Medical, Sahayadri, Vikram Hospitals etc.

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