Most individuals spend their maximum time at their workplace. There could be a possibility that an individual experiences a sudden heart attack at the workplace. It is therefore essential to be aware of how to handle such situations.

 However, before that, it is even more important to understand the reasons of a heart attack.

Reasons for a Sudden Heart Attack at Workplace


A major reason professionals suffer from a heart ailment is the increased levels of stress. This work place stress is induced in individuals who are constantly working hard to meet the deadlines, target the audience, carry on with regular business operations, and ultimately increase the business revenue. Persistence and unaddressed ongoing stress is harmful to the heart and a sudden peak in stress levels can result in a heart attack.


Rotational Working Hours:

A sound sleep is equally important as a healthy eating and exercising. People working in rotational shifts are at higher risks of increased stress and mood disorders which are not good for the heart health.

Improper Diet:

Higher cholesterol levels, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes are all results of a hectic lifestyle. Any of these factors, can aggravate the possibility of a heart attack.


is especially observed in employees who are not able to achieve their set goals or are not acknowledged/promoted for their work may experience depression. This can lead to other health-related complication, which may trigger a heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Attack at Workplace

These are some important warning symptoms of a heart attack.

  • Pain in the chest, or discomfort. One can experience squeezing, fullness, sharp pain or pressure on the chest. This pain can sometimes mimic symptoms of heartburn/indigestion.
  • A typical warning sign is radiating pain towards jaws, shoulder, particularly towards the left arm and lower back.
  • Shortness of breath is another indicator of a heart attack. It occurs as there is a lack of oxygen supply.
  • Nausea, sweating, and lightheadedness are physical manifestations during or before the occurrence of a heart attack.

So, if you observe any such symptoms, then you must seek immediate medical help.

Heart Disease Prevention

The ideal way to ward off the possibilities of heart diseases in the workplace is annual corporate health checkup. It is an important step that every organization must take to ensure that all their employees are healthy and stress-free. With a heart health checkup, it is possible to timely diagnose, treat and manage various health disorders appropriately. Companies should initiate and plan employee wellness programs which can educate their employees about their health and how any medical emergencies can be handled.

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