We are living in a time where stress and lifestyle diseases are very common. Slowly but eventually, both big and small enterprises are becoming aware of the importance of corporate health checkup services in the work culture.

 There are many companies  that provide superior quality of health care facilities for companies, factories etc. of all sizes. These services include medical and nursing portability services. Under this service, an expert team of health care providers is always available to help you during your illness and recovery phase. These experts not only provide the regular health care like taking care of the medicine, monitoring of BP and other vitals but also provide additional services like arranging doctor’s appointment, managing fund transfers, etc.

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    Under These Services, The Company Helps In Formulating Different Packages That May Include:

    • Medical case monitoring
    • Arranging doctor’s appointment
    • House Calls
    • Medical transportation
    • Arranging oxygen for transporting patient from one location to another
    • Investigating medical claims
    • Travel assistance
    • Medical backup in case of emergency
    • Standby medical services

    These services help the patient in getting better and at a faster pace. In addition, these services increase the trust factor of the company. Healthcare services are becoming an essential part of the corporate world. The companies in India are moving on the same track and taking up significant steps.

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