India is one of the fastest developing countries globally and industrialization is at its full swing. While most of the companies are establishing their imprints in various domains and coming up with multitude departments, the role of HR has been the same for years now, in fact, it has become more stringent

 HR is the face of the company. This department is responsible in managing the entire company and mainly its employees. The HR department is also responsible for planning employee healthcare strategy. This could be through various ways and one of the most popularly known is the corporate health check-up.

Employees are at increased risk of occupational hazards; including postural problems like chronic backache, exposure to chemicals or harmful substances, lifestyle diseases, etc. Also, any organization’s significant misfortune would be the loss or disability of their workers/employees due to unprotected and unsafe work environment.

Preventive Health Checkup

preventive health check-up is best defined as an employee wellness program can prove highly beneficial for the employees as well as the company. This program ensures employee safety at workplace which further results in healthy work environment and increased productivity. Listed below are few HR Strategies and Responsibilities for Employees’ Health and Safety.

Display of Appropriate Safety Signs

Employees who are not assigned to work in an unsafe zone should be strictly prohibited from entering the area and be educated with rules for safety at workplace in unavoidable situations. Hazardous areas can be marked by stringent safety signs. Employees should be trained for safety precautions especially in cases of workplace casualties. For a corporate office that has less physical dangers, it is prudent to distinguish every single potential peril right off the bat, for example, broken glass or any sort of breakage.

Training Employees for Emergency Situations

It is an absolute necessity to have an employee healthcare strategy in place. This fundamentally ensures employee being crisis-ready beforehand and how they can prevent harm when alone. A formal training for fire-evacuation or any other related emergency crisis management should be given to all the employees. With such health and safety models set up, an organization can distinguish all the potential dangers and take measures accordingly to provide the safe working environment.

Companies get benefitted at a larger level through corporate wellness programs. It helps in tax saving, employee engagement and retention, a better trust factor among the employees and the brand and also a sound and safe work culture.

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