Corporate wellness programs have emerged greatly in recent years. Such wellness programs increase employee engagement, promotes good health, job satisfaction and happiness among the staff. Investing in corporate wellness programs is no longer a “fad” but they are to stay for long.

 With the rising trends of health and employee wellness programs, creativity and innovations are blooming to keep employee wellbeing initiatives exciting and fresh.

Here are a few wellness trends that will help you take the employee wellness programs up a notch.

Shift In Focus Of Wellness Programs

Initially, the corporate wellbeing programs focused primarily on weight loss or smoking cessation goals. Nowadays, we have seen a shift in the focus of employee wellness programs which includes career development and overall wellness goals. Both of these aspects are combined to create positive vibes in the work environment. These wellness programs include employee recognition, learning, and development classes, employee health check-ups and workplace design.

Work Flexibility

Many companies are still struggling to offer flexible work schedules for their employees. Flexible working hours helps improve the work-life balance. This will reduce stress and improves the health of the employees and they have higher job satisfaction. Tele-working (work from home) also helps to reduce absenteeism, stress and increase work productivity.

Emphasis On Mental Health

For many years mental wellness was considered as a stigma in the workplace but now it’s an integral part of many organizations. Poor mental health is a cause of less productivity, absenteeism, and lower job satisfaction. Employers must consider providing counseling services, and stress management sessions regularly.

Healthier Work Environment

Maintaining a healthy workplace can be a tricky feat. It involves providing spacious office space, promoting healthy habits, and avoiding unhealthy food vending machines (or vendors). Providing onsite gyms promotes physical wellbeing. These activities will shape a better life for the employees both inside and outside the office.


Technology trends are increasing in the corporate wellness programs. Increase in the presence of technology in the workplace is inevitable for competitive success. The use of wearables or fitness trackers and the introduction of wellness portals to the employees is a rising trend to engage resources and improvise wellness programs.

To stay competitive and grow in the industry, employers should focus on complete health wellness programs for their resources. The fast-paced modern life is in need of corporate wellness programs that secure the total wellbeing of individual, foster goodwill and engagement within teams and increase work productivity.

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