We ensure the Health of your workforce by providing following services:

  • Expert Occupational Physicians, Paramedics, Ambulances, installation of First-aid centers, Medicine & surgical goods , Biomedical waste management etc.

  • Pre-Employment and yearly medical examination of workforce.

  • Emergency medical services like Cardiac emergency, Trauma, Burns and causalities.

  • Routine OPD

  • Maintaining health records of workforce.

  • Medical check-up of driver and food handlers.

  • Biological monitoring

  • Coordinating with local Govt. & Private hospitals to manage referred serious patients.

  • Conducting workshops on different occupational health topics.

  • Conducting CPR, first Aid & other life saving trainings.

  • Conducting  Wellness programme for workforce- Mental & Physical health.

  • Conducting emergency mock drill exercises, Occupational stress management programme etc.


AT Twin Tulip Medicare we understand that employees are the most important asset of an organization. Thus, their health and safety is of paramount importance. To be successful, every organization should focus on preventing on-site injuries and illnesses. They should ensure safe working conditions with minimum risk of accidents.

Our medical professionals are trained for industrial health and emergency care.

Our Goals

We help companies to remain competitive and viable in the industry by –

  • Reducing employee injuries

  • Provide immediate emergency trauma care to the injured workforce.

  • Minimize expenses on health by investigating and taking action on immediate cause, underlying cause & root cause of the health issue.

Good quality emergency care not only increase the chances of positive outcome for the injured workforce but also boosts morale & productivity.