Corporate Wellness Programs - Twin Tulip Medicare
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Corporate Wellness Programs

Health of a person is one of the most important factors for work efficiency of an individual and organization. Unfortunately it is most neglected due to work load, changing lifestyle and competition.


Indian establishments are increasingly showing interest in the health and wellness of their employees – after all, it has a direct impact on the levels of absenteeism, productivity and efficiency of their resource pool.


Our Mission


Our motto is to deliver quality treatment & health care services with utmost responsibility, care & trust committed to the highest standards of excellence by a multi-disciplinary approach at affordable rates.

Objectives Of Our Corporate Healthcare Program

  • To Provide First Aid assistance during Medical Emergency.
  • To equip corporate establishment with all necessary medicines required during Medical Emergency and routine illness.
  • To provide Psychiatric Counseling for increasing rate of lifestyle induced depression and anxiety amongst youth.
  • Smoking cessation and alcohol De-addiction
  • Weight loss programs
  • Early detection of health related problems like Diabetes Hypertension and other critical illness and their proper treatment through referral services.
  • Essential Vaccination programs time to time
  • To conduct timely workshop for office staff to train them in basic CPR and Medical Emergency handling protocols.
  • Nutrition Education to maintain healthy body and lifestyle.


  • A well trained Nursing Officer will be present on every working day in the infirmary to be established in office to deal with any kind of Medical Emergency, Injury and Illness.
  • The nursing officer will be connected all the time with our team of doctors and medical center. In any emergency situations the person can be referred to our center.
  • Periodic visit of our team of doctors, once monthly for regular check up of all staff and follow up.
  • Regular Counseling of employs by our Psychiatric counselors.
  • Regular diagnostics test for sugar, cholesterol level and other essential tests.

Medical Officers On Board

  • Program Administrator – Dr. Hitesh Choudhary (BDS, PGDIMP)
  • General Physician – Dr.Maj. Virender Singh Kundu (MBBS, MD internal medicine)
  • Rheumatologist And Autoimmune Disease Specialist – Dr Rajiv Ranjan (DM-Rheumatology) (On Call)
  • Psychiatrist Counselor – Dr. Anikesh Sharma (MBBS, MD)
  • Nutritionist – Dr. Vidhi Mukherjee (MBBS, MD)
  • Dental Surgeon – Dr. Swati Sharma (BDS, MDS)
  • Havi Sharma (BDS, MDS)


  • Emergency and common medicines
  • First aid kit 
  • Weighing machine
  • Growth chart(weight, height and BMI)
  • Visual equity testing chart
  • Color vision testing cards 
  • Otoscope 
  • BP apparatus 
  • Thermometer 
  • Pulse oxymeter 
  • Glucometer(sugar testing)